Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sunset Fiesta Turban, Head Scarf or Chemo Hat

These colors are delicious - vibrant orange and soft yellow sweep together like a summer sunset in a light, sheer chiffon.  Embroidered with jewel tones of deep blue and teal, this will look stunning with summer outfits - from crisp whites to jeans or a bathing suit.  You can shop and see and other styling ideas at Titillating Turbans.

Last year at the LA Textile Show we took some time to browse through the fabric district outside.  Seems 13 floors of fabric just wasn't enough for me.  I saw this fabric from across the street and bought the whole bolt.  Sadly, it is one-of-a-kind and I can't get any more, so if you like it grab it now!

It ties beautifully into a bow, you can wrap the ends around the band to create a turban look - for Sex and the City fans - or wear the band alone as a light scarf, headband or sash belt.

In between working like a crazed elf, I'm wandering more deeply into the wonderful world of textiles.  This month I'll be taking classes to update my skills in silk painting and then learning to texturize it with other fibers.  A long, labor intensive process, but the possibilities are endless.  I am so curious to see how it eventually ends up on my head.

I hope you are enjoying this fabulous weather! Our garden has loved the alternating rain & warm weather, and we have more blooms and figs than ever.

What are you doing this season to dust off the cobwebs (whether your house or your brain)?