Monday, March 22, 2010

Fun Day on Psyche’s Playground

It’s not that I don’t have more than enough artsy hobbies to keep my house in a constant state of disarray, but they are all so isolating. For the past 2 weeks, I’ve taken the time to join a couple of small groups on a Saturday to do SoulCollage. One of my previous students-turned-facilitator led the one on 3/13, and I led the one last Saturday. It always amazes me to see how random images can reach the deepest levels of our Psyche and initiate healing.

I encourage you to read more about it on the SoulCollage site, but the basic process is to create a collage on a 5x8 card, and identify it as part of your life in a phrase that begins with “I am the One who…” and give then give it a name. I have more cards displayed in previous posts, and I wanted to share these recent ones:

5th Chakra

I am the one who knows
that although my voice is small,
I can trust that Spirit will reflect its strength
to be carried by something larger than myself.

Self Esteem

I am the One who knows
that even when I have a bad hair day,
my higher consciousness
will always exude my inner glamour.

And what about you? Have you worked with collage and/or art therapy? What refreshes YOUR spirit?
Love, Laurie

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