Monday, May 18, 2009

Sweet Dreams

Posted Aug 16, 2008 11:33am

Finally! After 3 days of headaches, hot flashes and sleepless nights, I slept like a rock last night. I admit it, I had to take a pain pill (left over from the post-surgical prescription, which I seldom needed then) to get rid of the final stubborn remnants of the headache. But enough was enough. And thank you to the angel among you that suggested I keep an icepack close by at night. I wrapped my 10x12” icepack in a light towel, and the few times I was awakened by spontaneous combustion, I rolled my neck and upper back onto that icy relief. AHHHHHHHH! My sister-in-law Debby sent me a spaghetti-strap short cotton nightie I can wear around the house, and it is wonderful for wicking away excess drench… This morning I’m enjoying a cup of Sir Jason Winter’s Healing Tea (motto, “Let’s create a healthy life!”) donated by another friend. Thank you so much; you all are taking such good care of me!

Yesterday was such a wonderful day. On Fridays I close the office at 2:00, and usually spend the next 3-4 hours finishing up insurance billing and paperwork. This week I was much more efficient; I caught up on everything between patients, so I was actually out of the office by 3:00 – to keep with the Olympic spirit, it was a new world record!!!! I had a leisurely 2 hour sushi lunch with my girlfriends (another new world record). I am so sick of healthy food I could scream, so I relished the spicy rolls of sweet rice and raw flesh. Yum! This week I splurged on a video camera that is no bigger than my cell phone, so we took some silly recordings of this rare event. Such a deal!! RCA Small Wonder - $79.95 (and free shipping) at

Last night Dave & I went to a River Cats game; his annual company picnic. We had the “party block” which was awesome – the two upper decks were open and breezy, and the choice of tables or row seats gave us the chance to socialize. Baseball is about as exciting as a snail race for me, but Dave is always a charming date, and the game is a fun excuse to get together with everyone. Good parking karma, too – second row from the front gate!

I have the laptop on the kitchen table, where I can enjoy our glorious garden, watch the red and yellow finches compete with the jays and robins to splash in the waterfall, and share the morning breezes with the wind chimes. We’re getting ready to go for a walk while it’s still cool, and then we’ll take some time to attack the weeds. They took advantage of the fact that I wasn’t supposed to do any lifting for a couple of weeks, and sneaked in beyond the blocking fabric. This weekend I get my revenge.

The SoulCollage for today is for those who go before me, leading the way so I know there are good days and bad, and we will make it through all of them. And thank you to all of you who share these pages; it is so comforting to feel your presence, and know you travel with me.

I am the One who leads with trepidation.
Not always brave, I tiptoe and leap.
These well worn trails are a sad reminder -
too many have trudged this route gnarled with fear.
Yet our souls accept this invitation
to unite in the pilgrimage of the Reluctant Sisterhood.
What would we do without each other?

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