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FAQ Part IV of III - MRI Adventure

Posted Aug 3, 2008
OK, so I didn't plan my FAQ Part counts so well...

Q. How did that MRI go?

A. It resulted in a vision that was so overwhelmingly beautiful that I haven't even attempted to write about the details, but I should do so before I forget them.

This story must be prefaced with a brief history of my relationship with my maternal grandmother. Both she and her father were powerful energy healers. My great-grandfather treated animals, and I don’t know how he did that, but he was the guy the neighbors would call when any critter large or small was in need.

On the other hand, my grandmother was busy with healings both at home as well as distance healing, and at times supported the family with this work. Nana started doing this in her native France when she was 15, after a woman told her she had a special gift. My Mom remembers that as a teen, she saw people come to the house very ill, then leave “with better color in their face,” and remembers she later heard stories that some of them no longer had cancer or other ailments. Some came in with a cane and then left without it. She asked what was going on, but Nana was very private about it.

My parents and I lived with them for a brief time, and I spent many days visiting her after that. I went through a period of being very sick as a kid, so I received the benefit of her mysterious care. I didn’t fully understand what she was doing or that there was anything unusual about it. I would go into what we called the “Piano Room” where there was a baby grand, a glass enclosed bookcase and Nana’s delicate African Violet collection on a TV tray by the window. I would sit in a green velvet straight back chair, as Nana stood behind me, speaking softly and passing her hands over the affected areas, which were usually my earaches. Mom simply explained the process as “Nana is praying for … [whomever she was treating].”

After my grandparents died, my Mom sold their house and was cleaning out the attic; hidden in the rafters were about 20 letters dated from the 1930’s. Some were written copies of letters Nana had sent her clients, and others were notes from them. Everything was in French, and during my recent time at home I have been able to start translating them with the help of Google translator and a French dictionary. But that is another story.

In her life on this planet and beyond, I have always felt her presence guiding me through my journey in the healing arts and sciences. My mission has been to combine this inherited intuition with education in science and technology to carry on her work. Which brings us to the MRI…The week before my second surgery, I had an MRI of both breasts. Although having to stay still while lying face up for a spinal MRI can be torture, the positioning for a breast MRI is not uncomfortable. I was lying face down, with my face and breasts positioned in well fitting cradles, and my arms resting overhead. There was a stint in my right arm for an IV of the contrast dye during the final scan, and a bulb in my left hand to squeeze if I needed to signal the technicians.

The MRI was a series of scans over 45 minutes that varied from one to 9 minutes. Each one starts with about 30 seconds of loud tapping, like wooden drums. I appreciate that the technicians inserted ear plugs for me, because the scan is an extremely loud vibration that you can feel shaking up your cells. Since the first one was unfamiliar, I found myself unwittingly bracing myself by gritting my teeth and tensing every muscle. It was not unpleasant to me, but it was intense, even when I relaxed during subsequent scans. What happened next was like being part of a movie, with the pauses between scans serving as the commercial breaks. So the rest of this story is told without the commercials.

I was surprised when the first set of tapping immediately connected me to the sound of tribal drumming, since I have never been attracted to drumming in general. But then the visions began. I saw and felt myself in a clearing in the forest at night, standing with my back to an enormous, comforting bonfire, with a ceremonial healer in a mask and feathered headdress dancing passionately around me, shaking handheld rattles. He was shirtless, and wore a short, thickly layered lower garment, and wide anklets of curved feathers and tiny shells that bounced as he encircled me with his dance. We were surrounded by a huge circle of these traditional healers and everyone I know, dancing, drumming and singing around the fire. [There's an image at Simon Lewis Photography which is pretty close to what they looked like.]

Confident that I would not panic or want any interruptions, my left hand released the bulb. My first thought was to make sure I was grounded and let any illness or darkness drain away. Then I was worried that the earth was already too polluted, and I didn’t want to add to it by sending any disease through my feet. As I grounded myself, I was suddenly standing on the globe of the world, with my hands and feet glowing with a yellow light as though I wore illuminated ankle socks and gloves. With my hands overhead, it felt I was reaching towards the heavens. As the foot-light became rooted in the earth, I saw these roots connect to people all over the earth that were standing and reaching exactly like I was. We were connected with healing light, and it was then OK to release the cancer through the light in my hands to dissipate into the universe.

Back to the circle, everyone was sending me love, light and energy, sweeping their hands in the air around me to drain all disease from my body. I sensed the presence of not only my grandmother, but all my ancestors, like a SoulCollage card I made several years ago. Once I imagined that card, I knew I had to find them and bring them in to complete the ceremonies.

I am the One Who transcends time
to guide your magic.
Fanning the embers of knowledge,
confusion crumbles to ashes.
Wisdom rises in wisps
to perpetuate the Greater Plan.

I rose up to heaven to meet with my healing grandmother and all my other ancestors to tell them I needed them now, and bring them back. They joined my friends to dance, laid their hands on me and I received a new healing ritual with each new scan of the MRI. During one of these rituals, I was laying on my back as they held me overhead and passed my body around the circle. As I moved, a hoop of light would scan from head to toe over and over again, each time dragging away more darkness, until my whole body started to glow.

In the final ceremony, I stood in my spot facing away from the fire, with everyone close, as my grandmother walked toward me. She was glimmering as though she was composed of millions of diamonds. She put her hands on my chest, and sent the cancer went away as my chest, arms, face and entire body took on the same glimmering configuration as she was. As she looked into my eyes and smiled, we both knew she had given me both her gift of being healed, and the gift of healing.

I really didn’t want the adventure to end, but it felt complete at that point. As the nurses (Diane and Diane) helped disconnect me from all the paraphernalia, I told them it may sound weird, but that was WAY cool (I am incredibly eloquent at times like that). I gave them a synopsis of the experience, and one of the Dianes said she thought her great grandmother was a healer, but had only sketchy information. Nonetheless, she was taking a class in music appreciation, and had written a paper on “Medicine Music,” which included the sounds of the MRI. By the time I left we were all hugging with excitement and tears in our eyes. Leave it to me to turn it into a party.


A few weeks later I received this email from my friend Dikla in Israel (remember that I had not told her about what happened in the MRI). This was a deeply heartfelt connection from the other side of the world; it still give me chills to read it:

On Thursday night I went to the best Tribal dance party. It’s all natural, meaning no electronics but drums and Dijiridu and the crowd dances like mad. What a great way to cleanse. As we were dancing under the beautiful sky and stars, they threw some firecrackers and I was thinking of zapping cancer cells. Zap zap zap till none was left. Did a good dance with you girl. We must dance on and on and on.