Thursday, April 23, 2009

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Posted Jun 29, 2008 10:22am

As you can imagine, I've received tons of information about cancer treatment.

The MRI tomorrow will help determine not only the extent of what is going on, but also why nothing is showing up on my other tests. I even had the radiologist for the thermogram of 2 years ago take another look, knowing the diagnosis, and he couldn't find anything that would indicate cancer. Weird.

This reminded me of an event that happened to my grandmother (the "healing" one). She once had to go for surgery because they found a spot on her lung during an xray. By the time she had the surgery a short time later, it was gone. For those of you who don't know, my maternal grandmother, as well as her father, were energy healers. After she passed away, my mother found copies of letters she had sent her clients between 1935-1938. I am still trying to translate these from the old French in which they were written, but here's what I gleaned from her "treatment method" so far:

Eat whole, fresh foods. Don't overcook. Minimize meats.Walk in fresh air every day. Visualize the area healing, and think positive thoughts, several times a day. The client would come to the house for a session, then set up times in between when they would focus/pray/visualize at the same time. My mom said she helped people heal themselves of cancer and other diseases, and many just left their crutches behind after their visit. When we were sick, we would sit in her green velvet chair in the "piano room” as she stood behind or walked around, with gentle touches. What she did was similar to what I now know as Reiki, but we just said Nana was praying for us.

Because of the old style of French, it has been challenging to find someone who is able to translate these letters. When mom's sister Jackie passed away about a month ago, I called a 2nd cousin I haven't seen for years (Jeannine) to tell her. I also told her about the letters. Not only did she teach French, but her husband is native French. Off went the copies, and I anticipate full translation very soon. At the time we spoke, we felt Aunt Jackie had sent us to each other for a special reason. Jeannine thought it was so I could help her with her chronic health challenges. Little did we know how much we would need each other's talents.

Recommendations from my pals at Hawthorn Univ: Donald Yance "Herbal Medicine - Healing and Cancer''

Moss Reports and Moss report tips (GREAT info, even for healthy people) [Her note: He has amazing information on his website for free, but see which reports he has on breast cancer-and if he has one on your specific type. Buy the report, then schedule an appt if you feel the need. He’s been studying natural and medical therapies for cancer for 30 plus years. He’s scientific, conservative and really smart.]

Here are a few recommendations from other folks:

Salvestrol That led me to this site: Issels Medical Center

Herbs, supplements and cancer

Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment

Integrative Cancer Therapy

Nasri Integrative Medicine Health Centre

Cancer Treatment Centers of America

From a friend: Hiring the Heavens by Jean Slatter.
From a doc whose dad has multiple myeloma: My father changed his diet to a strict Alkaline diet and it has changed his life completely and for the better. There is a great book called “Outsmart Your Cancer” that I cannot recommend highly enough.

I also ordered Bernie Siegel's visualization tapes, just before friends sent me "Prepare to Be Healed" and "Healing Well" by Michael Moran. I'll be listening to these every day!