Thursday, April 23, 2009

You Are My Healers

Posted Jul 18, 2008 9:24am

The other day someone sent me good wishes in my “battle with cancer.” I know this is the usual expression, but I feel very blessed that at no time have I felt any struggle with this. I am very fortunate to be moving through this so smoothly. I feel like something in my body was seriously out of balance, but everything else feels great - the only sign was a tiny, unsuspicious (to the medical profession) lump, and no pain. The worst side effect so far is skin irritation from the bandage adhesive.

However, there are those that are truly facing a battle, and I feel my condition is nothing more than the sniffles in comparison. Whether or not I post updates, I visit carepages at least once a day to go to the Prayer Circles and light candles.

While you’re at it, please say a prayer for my friend Nancy. She had a back injury and is in constant severe pain. It will be a while before she can even get an appointment with a pain management specialist, and then may need back surgery. Between the back pain, hot flashes and this heat wave, she’s miserable – so send your love and energy in the form of cool breezes to soothe her.

I feel great; my surgical follow up is on Tuesday the 22nd, and at this point it looks like I’ll just need radiation. During surgery they test “sentinel nodes” which are the first to absorb cancer cells if it is going to happen. Two were removed; on initial testing they were clear, and in the days to follow, more testing is done. If they are completely clear, we’re done with surgery. If not, we go back in and remove more nodes. Thank you so much for all your support; I truly believe you are all my healers.

Love, Laurie